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Tender, tasty fillets, trimmed from the shank by our intelligent cutting machines.

Available in fresh and IQF 2-3oz, 3-5oz, 7-9oz, 9-11oz, 11+ and miscut. 15 and 4lb boxes



Trimmed fillets cut into two equal pieces that cook quickly and improve portion control.

Available in fresh, IQF and 4-5oz, 5-6oz, 6-7oz in 15lb boxes



An affordable small portion option trimmed from the belly flap of regular fillets.

Available in fresh and IQF in 3lb poly bags



Thick cut, bone in portions from the whole dressed fish, perfect for grilling or frying.

Available in IQF and fresh 7/8 inch thick steaks in 15lb boxes



Whole dressed, bone in fish, just right for doing your fish cut your way.

Available as IQF and fresh, whole dressed fish in 15lb boxes


Deep Skin

A fillet where the top fat layer is trimmed in order to provide a leaner, tastier fillet.

Available in fresh and IQF, 9-13oz in 15lb boxes


Thin Sliced

Louisiana-style ultra thin fillets that cook quickly, reducing prep time, while increasing plate coverage.

Available in fresh, IQF in 10lb boxes