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Pride of the Pond- No Return or Refund Policy

Pride of the Pond sells perishable items; therefore, we do not accept returns or provide refunds on any purchase that is finalized. Please read the policy below to understand our company guidelines. 

Policy Details:

No Refunds for Perishable Items:

If you purchase perishable goods we cannot accept returns in the traditional sense. Once a customer completes a purchase, we consider it final, and will not provide compensation or replacement items.


Alternative Refunds:

While monetary refunds are not available, we may offer alternative solutions, such as store credit or exchanges, depending on the circumstances.


Clarification on Terms:

  1. Returns: The act of accepting goods back from a customer after they’ve finalized a purchase but no longer want the item.
  2. Refunds: The act of giving the customer back their payment for an item they purchased and no longer want.
  3. Exchanges: The act of giving the customer a new item in exchange for the original item they purchased and no longer want.


Compliance with USDA Health and Safety Regulations:
We adhere to health and safety regulations, and reselling perishable items would violate these standards. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding of our no return and no refund policy for perishable goods.